130.000,00  zzgl. MwSt.

The Leverage Robotics FactoryCube loads your machine in no time at all.

Have your component demonstrated on the FactoryCube for FREE now!

Send us your components and a description or video of how the machine needs to be loaded and you will receive a video with your component on the FactoryCube in no time at all.

Delivery scope:

  • 2x UR5e
  • 2x Robotiq 2F-85
  • 1x LR ToolCube Set
  • 1x BunkerCircleSystem
  • 1x FactoryCube Station

Delivery time: 3 month after projekt agreement

You have questions about the product?

Get free expert consultation at info@ leverage-robotics.com or +49 8153 281096

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