Machine loading, assembly and packaging - simple and flexible!

Automate product diversity

Flexible production with the FactoryCube.

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The FactoryCube – a turnkey solution for your production. The direct applicability enables the automation of small and medium-sized series. Equipped with two robots, this Micro-Factory is faster, more precise and more flexible than any other system. The ToolCube tool system enables the fastest automatic exchange of robot tools and thus the handling of a wide variety of objects. RoboHive robot programming is task-based: Recognise parts, determine position, integrate component transfer and loading of machines in no time at all. 


Immediate use: The fully integrated overall robot system can be put into operation immediately on various machines


Flexible object recognition: The latest AI methods can be used to precisely recognise a wide variety of components and transmit their position and orientation to the robot

Cycle Times

Cycle times of 4 seconds: Up to 4 times faster loading of machines compared to single-robot systems. The sensitive robots can also pre-assemble, pack and operate quality monitoring


A gripper for every component: Automatically interchangeable ToolCubes for handling a wide variety of components in one application.


Fast and robust gripping: bulk material pre-separation enables a cycle time reduction of 40%

Smart robot programming

Task-based robot sequence programmes: Robot programming at its simplest, without the need for robotics knowledge



Get the FactoryCube from Leverage Robotics on loan and leave the complete integration, operation and monitoring to us.

The robot contract worker

Complete integration, operation and monitoring of the FactoryCube from Leverage Robotics. Flexible and versatile in use

Low investments

Monthly costs of up to 50% of conventional personnel costs. Borrow the system and have it operated by Leverage Robotics.


Immediate diagnosis and rectification via remote control of the robot system.
Adjustments or bug fixes remotely.


The Leverage Robotics ToolCubes are automatic exchangeable robot tools to perform multiple tasks on one robot. They expand the possibilities of a simple two-finger gripper by a multitude of options like vacuum gripping, centered gripping of round objects, or magnetic gripping of ferro magnetic objects and still keeping the capabilities of the parallel gripper.

They can be used with a standard robot gripper and are purely passive: a voltage supply or vacuum generation etc. is not necessary. Only the existing gripper jaws have to be exchanged for the enclosed gripper jaws.

The tools can be placed and used anywhere in the work area, thus avoiding unnecessary long travel distances and reducing cycle times. The ToolCubes use minimize set-up times and significantly increase the flexibility of the robot system.

Maximum flexibility in one box


A series of pictures with our ToolCubes and their application:


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