Interior in the automobile

The megatrends “Connected – Autonomous – Shared – Electric” continue to shape the automotive landscape and the vehicle interior plays a key role in this. Under the motto “Connectivity, User Experience and Sustainability”, this year we are exploring the latest developments that will shape the automotive industry. 

Look forward to exciting contributions from BMW, NIO, Ford, Lucid, Forvia, Continental, Webasto, Iconincar, Covestro  and many more. 

And these are our core topics:  

  • Interior growth area: 

The vehicle interior is not only the place for the driving experience, but also acts as the basis for numerous new business models. We show you what role the interior plays in the changing automotive industry.  

  • Supplier industry as a driver of value creation: 

More than 80 percent of value creation in the interior sector is generated by the supplier industry. We discuss how these key players can shape and drive the future of automotive design and functionality.  

  • Sustainability

A central focus is on the circular economy, which plays a significant role in terms of resource availability, utilization and product design in the automotive industry. We will inform you how sustainable approaches are transforming the industry and having a positive impact on the environment. 

  • From Driving Experience to User Experience: 

The interior of a vehicle is undergoing a profound change from the traditional “Driving Experience” to a comprehensive “User Experience of Mobility”.  We make experience spaces tangible for you that go beyond pure locomotion. 

  • People make the difference: 

Despite all technological advances, it is ultimately people who use the technology and make the decisive difference.  We invite you to talk to our experts about how the user experience is taking center stage and what impact this will have on the future of mobility. 

A look back at the “Interieur im Automobil 2023” shows us that vehicle interior design is characterized by impressive diversity and overarching trends. It is increasingly developing into a “living room on wheels” – thanks to infotainment, entertainment and comfort features.  

Last year’s event made it clear that the interior is the key to new business models – so let’s shape the future of automotive interiors together. 

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