Save the date! 26. + 27. June AAA Straubing

Leverage Robotics presents the FactoryCube at
All About Automation in Straubing.

In our innovative approach, we present an advanced solution for the automation of machine loading and the assembly of components – processes that were previously mainly carried out manually and, due to their monotony, place a great deal of strain on employees. By introducing the FactoryCube, a system designed for flexibility and efficiency, we are setting new standards in production technology.

The core of our technology lies in the significant reduction of set-up times, which is a challenge in traditional manufacturing processes, especially when it comes to small series or a wide range of products and variants. Thanks to the FactoryCube, it is now possible to master this challenge and also automate smaller series and a wide range of products and variants economically.

This innovation opens up new horizons in the production landscape by not only increasing efficiency and flexibility, but also improving working conditions by reducing monotonous, manual tasks. Ultimately, our solution enables companies to optimise their production processes and at the same time increase their competitiveness in a constantly changing market environment.

How? We’ll show you at the AAA in Straubing!

We are looking forward to see you!

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